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Bloodwin Is A Unique Blood Purifier & Laxative As A Purifier It Is A Versatile Blood Purifier That Cures Dermal Disorders And Gives A Clear And Clean Skin

 Recommended in

  • Acne
  • Pimples
  • Skin infections
  • Eruptions
  • Eczema
  • Pyoderma
  • Pruritus
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

Each 5ml Contains


Common Name Botanical Name Quantity
Senna Cassia angustifolia 17.76mg
Chopchini Similex glova 19.76mg
Saffron Croci stigmata 19.76mg
Cloves Syzygium aromaticum 19.76mg
Chirayita Swertia chirayita 19.76mg
Daal Chini Cinnamon Cortex 19.76mg
Amaltas Cassia fistula 19.76mg
Indrayana Citrullus colocynthis 19.76mg



Skin infections





Seborrhic dermatitis

Adults: 2 to 4 tea spoon full 3 times daily with water.

Children: 1/2 to 1 tea spoon full 3 times daily with water.


Potent Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral blood purifying Remove Toxins from boood Controls Acne & Pimples
Potent astringent Controls Itching & Oozing  Controls Chronic lesions
Anti-inflammatory actions Controls Inflammation
Stimulates liver Improve Digestion Immuno Modulator
Anti-Oxidant Properties Immobilize and eliminates free radicals due to diuretics herbsl


  • Stimulates & Enhances Gut Motility, Reducing Fluid Absorption, Enables Digestion, Erradicates CONSTIPATION.
  • Restores Intestinal Flora & Mucosal Lining.
  • Ensures Rapid Healing of Intestinal Mucosa.
  • Demulcent properties results in prevention of Blood & Mucus in stools.
  • Act as Hepato-Stimulant, Corrects LIVER DISORDERS, Stimulates
  • Bile Secretions, Restores Liver Function, improving APPETITE & DIGESTION.
  • Ensures Complete Evacuation without disturbing body & electrolyte
  • Fluids. SOFTENS STOOLS, Ensuring effortless defecation.

Bloodwin Syrup (Blood Purifier & Luxative )



Vitiated Dosha

Aushadh Dravya Pacifying Dosha

Panchbhautik Composition Of Aushadh Dravya

Rasa Of Aushadh Dravya

Acne, Pimples


Similex glova,

Cascumis calocynthis,

Swertia chirata,Croci stigmata


Vayu + Aakash + Agni

Tikta ,Katu

Skin infection, Rashes


Seena ,Smilex glova,Cascumis calocynthis,

,Cassia fistula,Swertia chirata,Clove,Croci stigmata

Vayu + Aakash + Prithvi + Jala

Madhura, Tikta

Eczema,Eruption,Pruritis Seborrhic dermatitis

Kapha Pitta

Similex glova,Cascumis calocynthis,

Swertia chirata

Vayu + Aakash



Acne,Pimples are skin condition, that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells,its causative factor is virudhahara Due to which there is increase in ghantava guna of Prithvi Mahabhuta  and therefore Prithvi and Jala Mahabhuta get vitiated .Kapha dosha is also vitiated which obstruct the normal movement of Vayu .Hence both Kapha and Vata dosha are vitiated,so to normalize the Prithvi and Jala Mahabhuta ,the Aushadh Dravya (Croci stigmata, Swertia chirata, Cloves , Smilex glova, Cinnamon cartex) having  Teja ,Vayu and Aakash Mahabhuta dominant help in digestion of atirikt  guna of Prithvi and Jala Mahabhuta and normalize the Agni and Vayu.

Skin infection & rashes In both the case there is predominance of Teja(Agni) Mahabhuta, so Pitta dosha is vitiated.So Aushadh Dravya( Cassia fistula, Cinnamon cartex , Smilex glova ,Calocynthis , Clove , Croci stigmata, and Senna) having madhur ,tikta and kashya rasa are pittashamak Specially dravyas having tikta rasa in which Vayu and Aaksah  Mahabhuta is dominant is highly effective to normalize the excees of Teja Mahabhuta and normalize the Pitta

Eczema, Eruption, Pruritis, Seborrhic dermatitis and Pyoderma

Eczema is a term for superficial skin infllammatory process involving the epidermis primarly markes by redness, itching, minute papules and vesicles, oozing and crusting.

 Pyoderma is skin infection with formation of pus.

Seborrhic dermatitis is a skin condition that causes patches and red skin mainly In scalp

In all these SKIN DISEASE, Properties of Prithvi and Aap (jal) Mahabhuta become abnormal,the digestive fire is oppressed resulting into indigestion, the undigested aahar rasa circulate in the body,It initiate the process of putrefaction in the region of Mahabhuta.The undigested aahara rasa with properties of Prithvi Mahabhuta accumulate in that region and thick and rough ovular patches is produces, sometimes oozing  also appear with lots of Pruritis, The Aushadh Dravya (Similex glova, Cascumis calocynthis, Swertia chirata) having Teja , Vayu and Aakash Mahabhuta predominance is useful to balance the Prithvi and Aap Mahabhuta .

Bloodwin being a blood purifier has Luxative properties dominant in it

Constipation/gastro intestinal induced constipation is a condition in which stools become difficult to pass .According to ayurveda when Vata qualities of Coldness and Dryness increase ,they disturb the colon and make its functioning difficult ,so Aushadh Dravya ( Senna,Cassia fistula and Cinnamon cartex) combat the Vata, Cold and Dry qualities are helpful in supporting the normal bowel movements They have madhura and katu rasa properties (Prithvi Aap and Agni Mahabhuta ) Which decrease the cold and dry qualities of Vata and normalize the bowel movements.Senna is sukhvirechaka in prabhava and acts as a purgative and is pitta shodaka and vata anulomaka.

Piles /Bleeding Piles :Piles is a bunch of veins which surround the external opening, due to over straining these veins start to protrude out of their normal place ,this condition becomes a disease called piles .due to hard stool rubbing on the veins ,veins start to bleed ,the condition is called as bleeding piles,in dry Piles there is aggaravation of Vata dosha and Vayu Mahabhuta so Aushadh Dravya( Senna, Cassia fistula) have madhura rasa are helpful to control the excess of Vata Mahabhuta .

In case of Bleeding Piles,there is aggravation of Pitta along with Vata due to excess constipation of pungent Aushadh Dravya (Cassia fistula,Senna,Smilex glova,Swertia chirata,Calocynthis)which are Prithvi,Vayu Mahabhuta prabhana. have madhura ,tikta and kashya rasa balance the Pitta dosha and pacifying the Teja Mahabhuta

Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of small intestine characterisedby abdominal pain and altered bowel movements (hard & loose stools).In ayurveda similar condition is called Grahini (Imbalance of function of Grahini duodenum’) ang Grahini Roga occurs,causative factors are VIRUDHAHARA which increase production of aama,decreasing digestive fire ,resulting into hard & loose stools,so Intestines fail to function. Aushadh Dravya (Clove,Crocistigmata Senna,Similex glova,Swertia chirata)which have property of Vayu,Aakash and Agni M ahabhuta have tikta and katu rasa, digest aama rasa and pacifies Kapha Dosha

Loss Of Appetite occurs due to increase property of Aap and Prithvi Mahabhuta and decrease in Teja Mahabhuta so Aushadh Dravya(Clove,Crocistigmata, Senna, Cinamom cartex)which are Teja and Vayu Mahabhuta pradhan having Katu ras are helpful

Pre Operative Evacuation/Post Operative Stool Softner For making evacuation easier & for making stool soft ,the Aushadh Dravya  (Senna,Cassia fistula ,Cinnamon cartex ,Cloves ,Crocistigmata) having qualities  opposite to cold and dry qualities of Vata are helpful which are made up of Teja and Aap Mahabhuta,having madhura and katu  rasa and katu rasa are helpful

Yoga For Bloodwin

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana.
  2. Halasana (Plough Pose)
  3. Pavanmuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)
  4. Balasan (Child Pose)
  5. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  6. Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation)
  7. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  8. Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend Pose)
  9. Parighasana (Gate Pose)
  10. Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)
  11. Headstand (Sirsasana)
  12. Shoulder Stand/Candle Pose (Sarvana Asana)
  13. The Palm Tree Pose (Tadasana)
  14. The Fish Pose (Matsyasana)
  15. Padahastasana Or Hand Under Foot Pose

Q1:  What causes Leucoderma?

Leucoderma is an auto immune disorder where our own immune cells attack and destroy the melanocytes present in the skin. There are also many other triggering factors which are mentioned below.

·         Regular stress or sudden trauma.

·         Improper liver functions.

·         Low levels of copper, vitamin D and vitamin B12

·         Worms or parasites infestation.

·         Disturbed thyroid function.

·         Injury

·         Heredity is also a well-recognized causative factor.

·         Incompatible food habits.


Q2: How long do I need to use BLOODWIN before I see improvement of my conditions?

BLOODWIN normally should be taken for 2-3 months regularly for initial results. As far as symptomatic benefits are concerned, Patients start feeling well within a few days of BLOODWIN treatment. Depending upon the onset of disease, spread area, diatery habits and life sytle, it usually takes 1-2 years for complete recovery.


Q3: Should I consume BLOODWIN drops empty stomach or after food?

The preferred time to consume BLOODWIN drops is half an hour before food or as per the advice of the physician.


Q4: Can I take BLOODWIN with my existing medications?

Yes, BLOODWIN can be taken with other medicines preferably half an hour before or after of other medicines or as per the advice of the physician.



Q5: Leucoderma or Vitiligo is an allergy problem or skin disease?

Leucoderma is not an allergic problem. It is an auto-immune disorder where our own immune cells attack and destroy the melanocytes present in skin resulting in loss of pigment or Leucoderma.


Q6: Indigestion or gastric problems be considered for cause of Leucoderma?

Yes, it is seen that indigestion, gastric problems or improper liver functions may cause Vitiligo/ Leucoderma.


Q7: Is it safe to use BLOODWIN during pregnancy?

It is advisable to stop BLOODWIN drops during pregnancy. But BLOODWIN ointment can be applied during pregnancy.


Q8: Is there any need of diet control?

Yes, diet plays a very significant role in the development of disease, its progress and its recovery. So Vitiligo must be careful about these daily dietary intakes. Here is a detailed chart of dietary advises.


Q9: I have been advised to use herbal products by a doctor as my skin is allergic. Is BLOODWIN  Ayurvedic?

Yes, BLOODWIN is an Ayurvedic product formulated with herbs proved scientifically for their efficacy for the treatment of acne, pimples and other skin allergies.

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