Introduction -

Livtous is a unique ayurvedic combination that treats liver disorders.

Each 5ml Contains


Common Name Botanical Name Quantity
Pippali Piper longum linn 350 mg
Anantmool Hemidesmus indicus 350 mg
Shyamlata Cryptolepis buchanani 200 mg
Amla Emblica officinalis 350 mg
Harad Terminalia chebula 350 mg
Kachur Curcuma caesia 350 mg


  1. Jaundice
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Drug / Alcohol Induced Hepato-Toxicity
  4. Loss of Appetite
  5. immunity Booster

Dosage -

Adults: 2 teaspoonful twice daily.

Children: 1 teaspoonful thrice daily.

Mode of Action

  • It aids in Effective Metabolism, hastens the Recovery Period and ensures Early Restoration of Hepatic functions in Infective Jaundice, its active Principle decreases ALT, AST and normalizes ALP.
  • Due to its Hepato protective action it works on Hepatitis-B surface antigen, posse’s antiviral properties against both DNA & RNA viruses.
  • Due to its Hepato biliary Mode of Action it promotes Bile Production, remove Excessive Internal Mucus, stimulate Hepatic Transporters.
  • It is powerful detoxifier, helps to flush out Toxins (drug /alcohol induced) by means of Diuresis.
  • The Anti per oxidative activity prevent loss of functional integrity of cell membrane, maintains cytochrome P-450, which plays an important role in metabolism of drugs and toxins in Liver.
  • Due to its Anti-inflammatory properties, it restores the Functional Efficiency of live4r by protecting Hepatocytes, prevents Tissue Damage and promotes Hepatocellular Regeneration.
  • It normalizes Basic Appetite Satiety Rhythm; its Hepatostimulant property relieves Hepatic Congestion, modifies Hepatic Secretion, regulating liver Enzymes, maintaining GI Flora restoring Appetite & improves Digestion.
  • It maintains Hepatic Parenchyma in Healthy State of Hepatic, stimulates Kupfer Cell activity & provides resistance to various infections.

LIVTOUS (Product Code – LIV005)


Vitiated Dosha

Aushadh Dravya Pacifying Dosha

Panchbhautik Composition

Of Aushadh Dravya

Rasa Of Aushadh Dravya



Anantmool, Shymlata, Harad, Amla

Prithvi + Jala + Vayu + Aakash

 Madhur + Tikta + Kashya



Anantmool, Shymalata,

Amla, Harad

Prithvi + Jala+ Vayu + Aakash

Madhur+ Tikta + Kashya

Loss Of Appetite


Pippali, Kachoor

Vayu + Agni


Immunity Booster

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Amla, Harad

All Mahabhuta

Panch Rasa



Jaundice is due to vitiation of Pitta dosha with a dominance of Teja Mahabhuta  as a result of which srotoavrodha occurs, abnormal toxic dravya which are parthiwa in nature accumulate and creates blockage, secretion of Pitta is hampered so liver becomes enlarge,resulting into constipation and loss of appetite

Livtous have Aushadh Dravya rich in madhur, tikta and kashya rasa which are made up of Vayu, Aakash and Jala Mahabhuta, it normalizes the Teja Mahabhuta

katu rasa of Pippali and Kachor is helpful which are Vayu and Agni Mahabhuta pradhana and normalize the Prithvi Mahabhuta and clear the obstruction.

Harad and Amla has Panch Rasa to clear off the vitiated dosha.

Annatmool is Pitta shamak

Hepatitis is due to aggaravation of Pitta Dosha so there in increase dominance of Teja Mahabhuta since Livtous is mainly Vayu and Aakash Mahabhuta pradhana prepration. It is helpful in calming the excess of Teja Mahabhuta and restore the function of liver to normalcy.

Amla in Livtous restore the elevated digestive enzyme to normal and protect the liver damage due to toxin

Harad in Livtous is purgative and anulomana in nature and the main treatment of Pitta dominant disease is purgation.

Loss Of Appetite is due to liver malfunctioning Livtous with Pungent taste of aushadh dravya like Pippali and Kachor stimulate the digestive fire which helps in digestion and clear out the srotorodha curing Anorexia

Immunity Booster Immunity is impaired due to various factors, Livtous rich in Aushadh Dravya like Amla, Harad and Ananatmool balances all the tridosha and are helpful in maintaining the Agni as well as Ojas, they give adequate quantity of all Mahabhuta so that each and every Dhatu is nourished and produces good quantity of Ojas thereby enhancing Immunity

Livtous is useful during preganancy because it contain mainly madhura and tikta rasa pradhan aushad Dravya which are tridoshamaka ,katu rasa of Pippali dravya increase the digestive fire so helpful in Anorexia ,Loss Of Apetite during preganacy ,so whole prepration is helpful and effective to normalize the liver function during preganancy.

Yoga For Livtous

  1. Warrior Pose Ii
  2. Downward Dog Pose
  3. Half Boat Pose
  4. Plow Pose (Halasana)
  5. Extended Side Angle Pose
  6. Tree Pose(Tadasana)
  7. Angle Pose(Konasana)
  8. Ananda Balasana
  9. Buddha Padma Asan  (Bound Lotus Pose)
  10. Matsyasana  (Fish Pose )
  11. Sun Salutation (Surya Namskar)
  12. Shavasana
  13. Shirshasana
  14. Sarvangasana
  15. Pavanamuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

Q1 What is Livtous?

Livtous is advanced formulation with vital herbal extracts key micronutrients & anti-oxidants which helps maintain normal Liver health. Improves appetite, tones digestion, prevents drug induced gastric discomfort and restores liver function. Helps strengthens the immune system, relieve fatigue & stress by toning liver cells.


Q2 How Livtous works?

Livtous improves digestion, absorption & assimilation by preventing the leakage of biochemical marker’s enzymes, raises serum protein levels and restores enzymatic balance. Promotes conjugation and help in elimination of bilirubin. Thus, protect liver from acute liver diseases.


Q3 When can one take Livtous?

Livtous can be taken if you feel:

·         Lack of appetite

·         Indigestion

·         Sluggish liver & fatigue in various disease conditions

·         Poor liver functions / disturbed biochemical parameters

·         Alcoholic habits- preventive only


Q4 What is PPI?

Proton-pump inhibitors are a group of drugs whose main action is a pronounced and long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production.


Q5 Is Livtous a PPI?

No, Livtous is hepato specific formulation designed with latest discovered hepatoprotective phyto-molecules in optimal concentration. Livtous works by protecting from gastric irritation while maintain appetite as diminished by usage of PPI.

Q6 How Livtous improves appetite?

Livtous helps recover from anorexia by inducing ghrelin (hunger hormone) secretion & regulating gastric secretions & motility in controlled manner. Livtous contains bitters in balance like Pippal, Anantmool, Shyamlata, Amla, Harad, Kachur are known to exert choleretic action & increase digestive juice secretion. Thus, restores appetite, digestion, assimilation and metabolism.


Q7 How Livtous works in jaundice?

Livtous with potential hepatoprotective herbs normalizes liver functions by exerting membrane stabilizing effect of liver cells, exerting anti-oxidant effect and stimulating nuclear acid & protein synthesis in liver thus reduces enzymatic leakage and reduces S. bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT levels, increases viability of liver cells & sustains normal liver functions.


Q8 Can I take Livtous having non bleeding piles to mitigate constipation?

Yes, Livtous is enriched with various mild laxative herbs like kalmegh, chitrak, Rohida, Kutaki. Thus, helps to mitigate constipation along with toning the digestive system.


Q9 How Livtous will help in sluggish hepatic condition?

Livtous stimulates liver cells functioning, rejuvenates liver cells, increases digestive juices secretion, and improves digestion and metabolism. Thus, helps in sluggish hepatic condition.


Q10 How Livtous works on immunity?

Livtous increases humoral and cell mediated immunity by significantly increasing IgG antibodies in serum, modulating Kupffer cell’s activity & by modulating hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes.


Q11 Chronic hepatitis needs treatment for long term, can Livtous be taken for long duration? For how long it should be given?

Livtous will help patients in cases of chronic hepatitis with prior addressing the basic etiologic factor comprehensively. Livtous is safe to use on long term and can be continued till the patient conditions persist.


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