Introduction -

  • Rhucough is a Non-sedative, Non-narcotic comprehensive, Palatable safe & Natural Ayurvedic formulation to combat cough.
  • It restores the freedom of breathing Effectively and Safely

Each 5ml Contains


Common Name Botanical Name Quantity
Mulethi Glycyrrhiza glabra 250 mg
Chhuhara Phoenix dactylifera 300 mg
Tej Patta Cinnamomum tamala 200 mg
Badi Elaichi Amomum subulatum 300 mg
Pippali Piper longum Linn 350 mg
Chitrak Plumbago zeylanica 250 mg






Badi Elaichi

Children below 3 years : 1/2 to 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day

Children from 3 to 15 years : 1-tablespoon 2-3 times a day

Adults : 1-tablespoon 3-4 times a day

  1. Reduces Viscosity of Bronchial Secretions, Dissolves and Expels phlegm from Lungs.
  2. Reduces the amount and Severity of Coughing.
  3. Inhibits Microbial Growth and Reduces Inflammation
  4. Soothes inflammed Mucosa & tonifies tracheal tree by demulcent herbs
  5. Relieves Bronchospasm, Improves ventilation in airways.
  6. Relieves Chest congestion by exerting gentle anti-histaminic action providing against Allergen induced Bronchial Obstruction.
  7. Exert anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity and enhances immunity against Respiratory Tract Allergies.
  8. Increases bioavailability of the drugs by promoting rapid absorption from G.I. Tract or by protecting drug from metabolism/oxidation.


High Efficacy and Zero Toxicity.

Free from Drowsiness and Sedation.

No dryness of Mouth, Nose or Throat.

Free from all G.I. Disturbances

Rhucough syrup (Product Code- RCH007)



Vitiated Dosha

Aushadh Dravya Pacifying Dosha

Panchbhautik Composition Of Aushadh Dravya

Rasa Of Aushadh Dravya


Vata, Kapha


Badi illaychi



Vayu+ Agni + Aakash

Katu + Tikta



Phryngitis, Laryngitis

Kapha, Pitta


 Badi illaychi





Vayu + Aakash+ Prthivi + Jala

Madhura +Tikta


Acute /chronic Bronchitis

Kapha, Pitta





Vayu+ Agni + Aakash


Antibiotic Resistance Respiratory Infection




Prithvi + Jala



COUGH OF VARIED TYPE Are due to exposure of dust, extreme cold or heat, indigestion of food  ,suppression of natural urges, seasonal disturbance & other causative factors These factors aggravates the Vata dosha ,which simultaneously  aggaravates the Kapha since lungs are the main site of Kapha so accumulation of kapha occurs in lungs which obstructs the natural flow of Vayu & decrease the space of Aakash Mahabhuta in the lungs.The space is filled by the accumulated kapha (Prithvi and Aap Mahabhuta dominant )so the Aushadh Dravya which dominant in Agni ,Vayu and Aakash Mahabhuta are very effective in treatment of Kapha. According to panchbhut concept , all dravya which are katu ,tikta rasa pradhana and opposite to Prithvi and Aap Mahabhuta come under this category

The prepration of Rhucough syrup digest the abnormal Kapha and clear the movements of Vayu, It maintain the space of Aakash Mahabhuta, since the cough is Vata pradhana disorder and kapha anubandha,  Mulethi and Khajur (Prithvi and Aap Mahabhuta pradhana) in Rhucough have madhur rasa so prithvi guna dissolves in aap mahabhuta and also help lungs to bear the tension due to kapha and help the patients to bear the weakness due to cough. Mulethi being sleshmhaar dravya  liquefies the mucus, helps to lossen the congestion in the lungs by reducing the thickness of mucus with the restoration of Vayu  andenable to expel out the mucus,  The aap guna with Teja guna (Tejapatra, Badi illaychi, Pippal, Chitrak) acts on the kapha on the chest and  helps others drugs to blend easly with kapha and thus helps in digestion of kapha withincrease in liquidity of kapha so that it is  easily expeled out from lungs.

The Aushadh Dravya in Rhucough syrup, all are Vata & Kapha shamaka.So the prepration is very effective to pacify Vayu and Kapha doshas

Pharygitis /laryngitis Pharygitis is the inflammation of pharynx casuing sore throat  laryngitis  is the inflamation of vocal cord causes hoarsiness of voice ,sore throat and difficulty in swallowing.Pharynx and Larynx   is the the site of kapha dosha and working site of udaan vayu . due to improper food habit and life style imbalance of dosha occurs .kapha dosha is increased which obstruct the normal passage of vata dosha ,there is increase in properties of Prithvi and Aap Mahabhuta so to balance the dosha ,Aushadh Dravya (Tejapatra,Badi illaychi ,Pippali and Chitrak )having Teja ,Vayu and Aakash Mahabhuta dominant is helpful due to madhura rasa andAushadh Dravya( Mulethi and Khajura )having Prithvi and Aap mahabhuta domianant gives soothing effect in sore throat and heal the inflammation.

Acute or Chronic Bronchitis/Respiratory Tract Infection

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes which carry air to and fro from the lungs, the mucus membrane in the bronchial passage becomes inflamed, as the irritataed membrane swells and grows thicker, it narrow the airways In the lungs,resulting in cough that is accompanied by phlegm and breathlessness.

Ura is the site of kapha dosha, Prana and Udana Vayu also works in the area of Ura(lungs) and Transport of blood continuously occurs through the lungs for purification

 So,In Ura ,the Vata ,Pitta and Kapha doshas (Trodosha)are working together for normal functioning of lungs(ura) and make respiration normal .when due to seasonal disturbances ,due to dietary habits ,the vata is aggravated which effects the prana and udana vayu .the movements of prana and udana is disturbed which result in acculmulation of kapha dosha in lungs which again disturb the movements of vayu and vicious cycles continued and result in bronchitis as aresult of whichthe aap guna of kapha is increased  due to which irritation occurs in bronchiole and cough occurs .so Aushadh Dravya (Tejapatra, Badi illaychi ,Pippali and Chitrak) composed of Vayu and Agni Mahabhuta, have katu rasa which absorb excess aap , cough production is reduced and patient is able to breath easily .

Antibiotic Resistance Respiratory Infection has emerged as one of the major health issue now a day

It is a form of drug resistance where by some sub population of a microorganism usually a bacterial species are able to survive after exposure to one or more antibiotic, (pathogen resisitant to multiple antibiotic are considered multi drug resisiatnt).

Ayurveda aid that dosha get aggravated by exogenous and endogenous causes, which further spread in body by using improper food & activities

it vitiates kosthagni which lead to improper digestion of ama and when rasa dhatu circulates the ama and vitiated dosha where the khavagunya occurs ,ama obstruct ,accumulate there and give rise to such disease.

In respiratory disease the main site of accumulation of dosha and ama is Ura Pradesh.

when the disease becomes antibiotic resistance  It means the person immune system is not good and he is not respondingto antibiotic ,so main aim is to restore the immune system and dissolve the ama.

 The Aushadh Dravya having katu rasa composed of Vayu and Agni Mahabhuta dissolve the ama and make the movement of dosha normal.

The dravya having madhura rasa and tikta rasa, have rasaya property that help to restore the immune system and maintain the ojas or bala in individual.

In RhucoughMulethi and Khajura is found to be Immune stimulative.

Mulethi accelerates lyphocytic transformation activation of macrophage and increase the leucocyte count.


  1. Hastapadasana
  2. Kapalbhati Pranayama
  3. Marjariasana
  4. Matsyasana
  5. Padmasana
  6. Sarvangasana
  7. Sun Salutation (Surya Namskar)
  8. Tadasana
  9. Sheetkari
  10. Marjariasana
  11. Poorvaottanasna
  12. Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand
  13. Ujjayi Pranayama
  14. Simhasana
  15. Shashankasana

Q1 On which system of medicine RHUCOUGH is based upon?

RHUCOUGH which is a comprehensive mixture of highly effective herbs is based on the age old scientific knowledge i.e. AYURVEDA.


Q2 What is RHUCOUGH?

RHUCOUGH unique herbo mix formulation to combat respiratory tract infection of viral origin. RHUCOUGH special formula for all ages.


Q3 From last few days I am suffering from frequent sneezing, running nose and cough. Will RHUCOUGH help me in this condition?

RHUCOUGH relieves the symptoms of sneezing, running nose and cough effectively. If symptoms persists please consult your doctor.


Q4 I am suffering from shaking chills, cough and shortness of breath from last 2 days. How will RHUCOUGH help in my condition?

Your symptoms indicate of viral lung infection. RHUCOUGH is very effective in viral lung infection. However consult your physician if symptoms worsen or persists,


Q5 My child reports shortness of breath and cough after playing. How will RHUCOUGH help in his condition?

RHUCOUGH is enriched with herbs Vasa and Kantkari which help improves the passage of air and relieves associated cough.


Q7 What is special about RHUCOUGH?

RHUCOUGH is much more than cough syrup as it combats respiratory tract infections of viral origin, relieves Laryngitis and pharyngitis.


Q8 How should I take RHUCOUGH?

·         ADULTS should take 2-3 teaspoonful TDS

·         CHILDREN should take 1-2 teaspoonful TDS

Preferably with Luke warm water.


Q9 On which system of medicine RHUCOUGH is based upon?

RHUCOUGH which is a comprehensive mixture of highly effective herbs is based on the age old scientific knowledge i.e. AYURVEDA.

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